Dr. Barbara Ann Melzer

Chair, 54th Faculty Senate

Professor, Department of Physical Therapy


This issue of the Faculty Handbook is dedicated to the memory of our good friend and valued colleague, Dr. Barbara A. Melzer (1950 – 2013). During her many years of teaching, scholarship and service at Texas State University, Barbara gained the respect and affection of colleagues and students alike through her consummate professionalism, her encouraging presence, her sense of humor, and her caring thoughtfulness.

Dr. Barbara Ann Melzer

you've gone to darks

and gone: the world that aching always leaves, beside us slows to speak such drift, sweet scroll of days. Shallows, cloudbank, river path – we wanted, waited, with thinking thought we’d save them. Desire, its need,

is all and all, is sound: its whites are breaths we dove-like dream as breeze, as songs, with song to coax you back from harm.


The Faculty Senate is grateful for having had the privilege of working closely with Barbara and knows that the entire university has benefited greatly from Barbara's enormous grace, generosity and unfailing dedication to service.